My Smokeless 2.0 Starter Kit

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Introducing the all new My Smokeless 2.0 cig-a-like featuring new state of the art e-cig technology.  The My Smokeless 2.0 revolutionizes vapor production with a ceramic heating coil (no cotton wick) giving you purer vapor and a smoother taste. Best of all it produces an amazing amount of vapor for such a small and convenient device.

With the new My Smokeless 2.0 batteries and their “Quick Charge” technology a full charge can be reached in 45 minutes.

The My Smokeless 2.0 e-cig is very easy to use: simply screw on a My Smokeless 2.0 cartridge and vape away. If you are looking for an electronic cigarette that looks and feels like a real one utilizing the latest technology then this is the one for you. No messy E liquids and no big bulky devices, My Smokeless 2.0 looks like a cigarette and feels like a cigarette BUT without the ash, smell, tar or smoke of traditional cigarettes. 

As with our other My Smokeless products, My Smokeless 2.0 features a Lifetime Replacement Warranty on batteries and chargers.

The My Smokeless 2.0 starter kit includes:
1 x Rechargeable Lithium Ion Cigarette Battery
2 x Cartridges
1 x USB Charger

My Smokeless 2.0 products are not compatible with My Smokeless Deluxe products

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