Grape 2.0

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With every drag off our Grape cartridges, an explosion of grape flavor will dance across your taste buds.  The taste and aroma of delicious sweet tasting grapes that we all know and love all packed into one cartridge.  Have you ever meet someone who didn’t enjoy the amazing taste of grape?  If you have, did you trust them?  These My Smokeless Grape cartridges are the trusted source for great grape flavor.

For your convenience, our refill cartridges come in a 5 pack, with your choice of nicotine level.  We offer a wide selection of nicotine levels ranging from 24mg to 0mg (no nicotine, just rich amazing flavor).  24mg is comparable to full flavored traditional cigarettes.  Our variety of nicotine levels allow you to choose the level that suits you best!

Our Grape Nicotine Strength Selection:

24mg, 16mg and 8mg

My Smokeless 2.0 products are not compatible with My Smokeless Deluxe products

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