The Rise of Ecigs

Posted by Rafael on 28th Feb 2018

Why have Ecigs become so popular? There are three primary reasons for the rise of Ecigs: 1. Smoking Laws, 2. Technology and 3. Flavors. Learn about the vaping industry to see if you might want to get an E Cig starter kit.

1. Smoking Laws

All around the world, second hand smoke legislation has made it more difficult for smokers to enjoy traditional cigarettes. As crazy as it seems, some parents are not even allowed to smoke in their own homes or cars. The health departments have placed a tremendous burden on the tobacco industry, even though, cigarettes are officially still legal, What can people do? People still love the flavor of tobacco. More and more people are switching to Ecigs. These do not generate the same second hand smoke a Smokeless Cigarette looks and feels like a traditional cigarette but there is no need to worry about second hand smoke.

2. Ecig Technology

Modern Ecig technology has been able to replicate many of the traditional elements of smoking a cigarette. The best E Cig has the same shape and feel of a traditional cigarette as many smokers have gotten into the habit of holding their cigarettes unconsciously. You can now get very satisfying vapor and flavors with excellent reliability.

3. Ecig Flavors

People like variety, along with the classic flavors of Tobacco and Menthol, electronic cigarettes offer many options as Blueberry, Strawberry, Vanilla, Grape and more. Check out our E Cig cartridges they are easy to use and have amazing flavors! My Smokeless provides smokers with a much-needed alternative to traditional cigarettes.