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What Our Customers Say

My Smokeless is great! You TRULY want to consider using their Ecigs. Also, they have ALWAYS been friendly and helpful with ANY Problems I have had!

- Sam O.

I have been through my share of trying different E Cigarettes. I found it really difficult to switch to Vaping for various reasons. By far, My Smokeless has worked the best for me.

- Pratik K.

It's been nearly two years since I found My Smokeless and made the switch to a smokeless cigarette! Good for me!

- Kay G.

I've been ordering for over a year from My Smokeless and they're great. Very speedy shipping!! They guaranteed their products. Would highly recommend these smokeless cigarettes.

- Lorraine A.

I have smoked for 50 years and switched to Electronic Cigarettes and love them. I can Vape anywhere I want, and you do not smell like smoke. I can even use my smokeless e-cig in bed and if I fall asleep I don't have to worry - no fire.

- Barbara W.

Why Choose My Smokeless E-Cigarettes?

We all know the tremendous benefits of smokeless cigarettes over smoking real cigarettes, but with our hectic days, work and kids, who has the time to mess with replacing coils, E-juice leaking all over and complicated devices? We vape too and understand your frustration. That's why we created My Smokeless.

With over 9 years of experience, we know what works! Our E-cig starter kit has only 2 parts – a smart E-cig battery and an E-cig cartridge. To vape, simply screw the cartridge on to the battery that's it! When the cartridge is empty, simply screw a new one on.

Our flavors are amazing, our customers are happy and we've helped thousands of people make the switch. Check out our customer testimonials to see what they're saying. And the best part is you get a lifetime replacement warranty – that's right, no matter what happens to the battery or the charger, if it doesn't work, we'll ship you a new one.